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Vietnam Clothing Company Limited
Having started apparel export in the 80s and knowing a lot of textile suppliers give us and our customers a lot of distinctive advantages. Being a knitwear manufacturer - not a clothing agent also helps us and you to cut down the middle cost.

Garment supplier | Apparel exporter | Textile supplier | Vietnam

Vietnam Clothing has a well-equipped production set-up experienced technicians, accessory & fabric sourcing ability, and an available wide range of fabric. We are one of the garment suppliers who can do almost anything it is asked to do whether you are a wholesale – buyer or a clothing agent.

We are one of the leading Vietnam garment suppliers of clothing for fashion, casual, active, and sports knitwear with competitive pricing worldwide.

Garment supplier | Apparel exporter | Textile supplier | Vietnam

Our proactive merchandising team and the textile suppliers we know are standing by to work with you contact us today!

Clothing agent | garment suppliers | apparel export | textile supplier

Fashion Textiles Vietnam

Investment opportunities in the market apparel, cotton, textiles, fibers in the factory in Vietnam

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Vietnam Garment Factories

 New times

  •           Currently in Vietnam is forming a wave of investment in the project Apparel, Cotton, Textiles, Yarn to catch Agreement Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP - Vietnam is participating in the negotiations).
  • This will be a great opportunity for many export sectors of Vietnam. With the segment fibers, weaving, dyeing, this does not only promote increased exports, reduced taxes, but also great motivation for investment and development.

Tổ hợp dệt
Figure 1 - Combination textile factory
  •           At the contact with the Association of Cotton Yarn Vietnam, a number of Chinese enterprises said they are considering the possibility of expanding or new investment in spinning industry.
  •           Also in this June, a delegation of more than 40 businesses Italia visit to Vietnam to explore investment opportunities, with special attention to the field of Textiles. The trip of the Italian business delegation to Vietnam within the framework of the development of small and medium enterprise clusters between Italy and Vietnam, by the Italian Government in collaboration with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) organized function.
  •           Businesses Italia has worked directly with some textile enterprises in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam and expressed the intention to cooperate investment in production of textiles exported to European market
 Tổ hợp nhà máy sản xuất
Figure 2 - Combination factory
  •      Obviously, in the period of economic crisis, there are projects of foreign direct investment (FDI) in this sector are licensed. Specifically, Ltd. Kyung Bang Vietnam (100% Korean capital) spent $ 40 million building phase 1 fiber plant capacity of 6,000 tons / year at Bau Bang Industrial Zone (Ben Cat, Binh Duong).
  •           Some investors are also completing the procedures to prepare the plant commenced in Vietnam,
  •           Currently, Vietnam Textile and Garment Group (Vinatex) is a joint venture with Itochu Corporation (Japan) complete investment procedures fiber plant capacity of 5 thousand spindles, a total investment of $ 120 million in industrial park Bao Minh (Nam Dinh). This project is expected to start later this year.
  • Looking reality in the near future, Vietnam's garment industry are opportunities, certain advantages compared with other economies.
  • In this context Vietnamclothingfactory (VCF) each day also expand production and sales started to pick up new opportunities but also many challenges but VCF always proactive approach and easy changes to the Social Republic import of the sector.
  • We have good production facilities, modern equipment, the skilled workers with an annual capacity of 2,000,000 psc/ year.
  • VCF owns one staff dealing with the young, dynamic and professional is always our top priority.
  • Obviously if you are looking for one reliable partner in Vietnam, please do not hesitate to contact us ngay.VCF honored to welcome customers.
 Tổ hợp nhà máy in
Figure 3 - Sets the printer

Vietnam clothing manufacturing

You're looking for a garment manufacturer in Vietnam? Come with us.

VietnamClothingFactory will help you.

  1. Clothing manufacturers in vietnam
  2. Position of VietnamClothingFactory
  3. Clothing products of VietnamClothingFactory
  4. Pricing method
  5. Benefits of cooperative enterprises

Clothing manufacturers in vietnam

In the history of economic development, some countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan ascent stage from the textile industry, to then become the "dragons" in Asia. The reason is the textile industry requires large capital needs, solve labor shift from agriculture to industry, use less non-renewable resources to be like earth, water and energy.

  • Vietnam is one of the country went up from the industry and typically large textile conglomerates such as VINATEX and affiliated companies VINATEX.

  • Also not to mention the private sector also contributed to the share of industry structure.

  • VietnamClothingFactory honored as one of the leading manufacturing enterprises in the textile industry with many years of experience and development, contribute to the economy of Vietnam.

Position of VietnamClothingFactory

The fact that after Vietnam joined the World Trade Organization (WTO), Vietnam Textile industry has many opportunities to access technology, information and services as well as better management practices and equality of tariffs between member countries. With its unique advantages such as political stability, productivity, low labor costs, to meet the diversity of the types of garments ..., Textiles Vietnam is increasingly asserted its prestige world market and one of the top exporters higher.

In the trend of the industry, always built their advantage over other companies by:

  • Product Innovation, quality product.

  • Access to new technologies to optimize the product to the customer.

  • Owning a team of in-depth technical and business.

Clothing products of VietnamClothingFactory

Pricing method

  •  Depending on the nature of each request for goods that w e can choose the rating requirements for each phase as price CM, CMP or CMPT

FOB is a term in the English abbreviation of the phrase Free On Board, ie Disclaimer On deck where to go, also known as "Free on Board". It is a term in international trade, are shown in Incoterm.

  •  With FOB we have simplified all three into a clear definition: business conditions, FOB means that the price includes all. FOB Price includes everything in the production process from the test fabric, fabric cutting, sewing, ironing, folding, packing and packaging.
  •  Goods will be delivered at the port of manufacturers that you love cau.Moi risks manufacturer will bear all responsibility before shipment to you.

Benefits of cooperative enterprises

    What do you need in a partner?
  • The prestige? competitive pricing? good product? We always have that.
  • We always want to bring the best to its customers.
  • When to you will feel it like?

Vietnam Clothing Company Limited
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Add: 369 Nguyen Thai Binh St., W.12, Tan Binh Dist., HCMC., Vietnam


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