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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Screen Printing

TH-milk printed t-shirts truemilk
T-Shirt Printing  TH-milk truemilk

T-Shirt Printing Company, the uniforms:

  • Print t-shirts  and apparel styles as required uniforms, logo embroidery, embroidered letters
  • Advice considerate, thoughtful and Delivery
  • Commitment: 1 Warranty 1 Change
  • Better price - for production
  • May beautiful, better quality with stylish design
  • Always have% commission for contact, full bill
  • Rapid progress: the workshop and actively workers
  • Free: design, sewing patterns, delivery, warranty ... View samples  t-shirts uniforms

The style of our printed T-shirts: 

There are 2 basic ink system: Water System and Oil System
in water
in water
Water 1.He 1.1 Print T-shirt - In water: In water is also common in type 1 and used much. A special feature of this type of printing ink is printed on the shirt will be absorbed into the fabric gives the feeling is very soft to the touch. However, depending on the fabric that I chose to print water, avoid inkjet printing on fabrics crocodile, suitable for printing on fabrics as light colored plain T-shirt: white, light blue, ... Note that when should not be printed immediately washing clothes go for will affect the print quality.

1.2 T-shirt Printing - Print TRAME:
When holding one newspaper or magazine and look closely at the picture printed on it, you will see the image in the form of dots of different size, the dot is called TRAME.
then place a bright image, the dark, dark place, pale spot. To print out, we need to print the ink layer thickness corresponds to different thin dark pale spot on the image. However, current methods only allow printing ink layer thickness is the same, so to solve the problem, we came up with one solution: instead of printing ink layers have different thicknesses to reconstruct the image, we will share and print images with small spots (called TRAME point), then the point will TRAME little brighter, larger TRAME point is that the darker areas. When you look at the picture, my eyes will feel the brightness image as the original image.

in high
in high
2. Oil System 2.1 Print T-shirt - Print high: As one of the special effects in type and is used a lot in aothundep.com. For this type of print, we should choose the logo to print because of the characteristics of this type in the logo gives us more solid feel, nice and crisp colors and logo were also higher than in the surface fabric.Fabric crocodile encouraged to pick up in this type of print, however avoid the images, logo too large will make his shirt too crude and grotesque

In plasticity
In plasticity
2.2 T-shirt Printing - Print plasticity:
It is the type used in quite a lot. In flexible systems in the country but also the ink is mixed ink characteristics than water. In plastic also gives the feeling of soft and pleasant water no less. In plastics have good durability, good color, depending on how the fabrics perform well in different plastics. For example, on dark fabric, black is the number of times we pull more ink for light colored fabrics to ensure color. In accordance with more flexible materials like cotton plain fabric, crocodile, .....

In Platisol
In Platisol
2.3 T-shirt Printing - Print cartridge Platisol:
Also known as Lap print. Typography is more suitable for printing on fabrics especially cold elastic fabrics, sportswear fabrics, printed style .... For this we can use to print logo, printed the image size appropriate however the level of style shirt in this rapidly absorb heat should be limited in the oversized image.

Print discharge
Print discharge
2.4 T-shirt Printing - Print discharge:
Also called peel color print, suitable only for plain cotton fabric 100. Because of the nature of the discharge was demolished in the background color (active color) of cotton fabric and color that we need to put in instead, so the pattern in discharge will be sharp and the colors are so beautiful, is not common and with the same background color as one of the samples in plastic cartridges. This is the type of print typography resolve weaknesses in the country on the dark fabric.

Heat transfer printing
Heat transfer printing
2.5 Print T-shirt - In heat transfer
printing technique is based on the heat to force ink through the fabric of paper, at a temperature of 190 degrees C in the time range of 60 seconds will be done in this technique.
kind in this line with a white cloth, and only a few bright fabrics can fine print. We respectfully brings you the top experience of digital printing on fabric.

Type in other
Type in other
In addition, we also are many other types of printing, such as printing, leather printing, printing emulsion, printing Camay, print movies online, print luminous, reflective print, print, print crack, embedded in spikes, pressed billets, in Standard heat ... Contact me for advice and free design, sew and print our logo, embroidered logo on the shirt template for your browser before proceeding sewing series!

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