Thursday, July 24, 2014

About Us

Vietnam Clothing Company Limited
Having started apparel export in the 80s and knowing a lot of textile suppliers give us and our customers a lot of distinctive advantages. Being a knitwear manufacturer - not a clothing agent also helps us and you to cut down the middle cost.

Garment supplier | Apparel exporter | Textile supplier | Vietnam

Vietnam Clothing has a well-equipped production set-up experienced technicians, accessory & fabric sourcing ability, and an available wide range of fabric. We are one of the garment suppliers who can do almost anything it is asked to do whether you are a wholesale – buyer or a clothing agent.

We are one of the leading Vietnam garment suppliers of clothing for fashion, casual, active, and sports knitwear with competitive pricing worldwide.

Garment supplier | Apparel exporter | Textile supplier | Vietnam

Our proactive merchandising team and the textile suppliers we know are standing by to work with you contact us today!

Clothing agent | garment suppliers | apparel export | textile supplier
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